The SmokeShield Group of Companies

Providing Quality Products and Services Through Out  Australia & New Zealand

“You Can’t Steal, What You Can’t See”™

Portable Smoke – Fog Security


The SmokeShield Australia Pty Ltd Group provides a complete range of security and raid on protection, training systems and electrical contracting.

SmokeShield Australia is the exclusive importer and distributor of all the SmokecloakTM , TrainerTM , Applied DNA and Tri Fire range of products manufactured in the US, UK and DK to ISO 9001: 2012 standards and are used throughout Australia, New Zealand, PNG and over 69 countries world wide.

Our products are supplied to small and large originations including NAB, Woolwothes, Coles, Australian Government, Army, Navy & Air force.

Our Smoke Trainers and Tri Fire equipment are Nato Certified and Government approved. All of our products feature C-Tick approval, which is a requirement for their use in Australia & New Zealand.

Business Fundamentals

Smokeshield Australia P/L is a Dynamic Intrusion Prevention and Electrical Contracting Company  set up on the basis of sound business practices and involves some fundamentals such as

  • Retail Security
  • Resources
  • Working environment
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to our Customers and Goals.

Staff Selection and involvement are paramount in our operation to ensure success of all tasks at hand. Market research and promotion form integral parts of our plan to understand and grow with our customers. Using these principles the company has taken major steps in establishing itself in the Market.

Modern office facilities, warehouse, warranty, service, spare parts, demonstration rooms and training facilities provide our customers with all facilities required to meet all the needs of our customers.


We offer 24 Hour technical support network, training and certification of installers, training manuals, Sales training, Brochures and Sales aids for our agents, and Warehouse a large inventory of spares and a warranty service area for all our retail security systems.