SkillsVR Virtual Reality Training Platform

The most advanced all-in-one Virtual Reality Training Platform, exclusively provided in Australia by Smokeshield

At Smokeshield, we are always searching for the highest quality, cutting-edge products and services, ensuring that genuine value and impressive solutions are delivered to our clients. After seeking a unique, holistic training tool that was established, with genuine success and engagement, we proudly secured the Australian distribution rights to SkillsVR.

SkillsVR helps employees, teams, and corporations develop their potential through skill-based, immersive learning experiences with demonstrated impact and micro-credentials.


Works Seamlessly to Build Competence Safer, Faster, and Smarter

The SkillsVR tools utlise the latest in virtual reality technology, ensuring the most up-to-date hardware from trusted VR brands Pico and Oculus.

The hardware comes with its own set of features, including ergonomic design, fast processing capabilities, optical environment tracking, built-in safety systems, and easy software integration. All of these combined enable the creation of immersive experiences within a world-leading skills training platform, resulting in faster training, better learning, and improved retention to enable people to achieve their true potential.

SkillsVR Training Scenarios are developed by in-house Learning Design and Development teams, created in conjunction with (and carefully validated by) industry and subject matter experts.

Training Scenarios are integrated into the hardware and coupled with a unique Facilitator desktop application that enables remote training capabilities.

Research-backed Benefits of VR Training

Researched-Backed Benefits of VR Training


More confident to act on what they learned after training


More focused than e-learners


Faster than classroom training on average


More focused than e-learners


Faster than classroom training on average


More emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners 

– PWC Study on Soft Skills Training in Virtual Reality

Delivering Adaptive Skills Training and Verification of Competency at Scale via an Enterprise Platform

The SkillsVR Enterprise platform seamlessly connects Virtual Reality hardware and content with proof-of-impact analytics in real time. Enabling organisations to effectively deliver immersive learning while verifying competency at both the individual and organizational level.

SkillsVR Enterprise solution can also be self-hosted as an on-premises solution.

Why Use SkillsVR?

Cost Effective and Scalable

Delivers learning outcomes faster and cheaper than traditional training programs

Immersive Learning

Encourages learning with engaging, high quality virtual reality scenarios


Creates meaningful and sustainable learning that can be applied in real life

Validated by Subject Matter Experts

In house developed platform validated by subject matter experts

Consistent Learning Outcomes

Inclusive to all learning audiences while providing a homogenous experience and assessment criteria

Remote Training Capabilities

Portable training tool that’s Wi-FI enabled

VR Delivers Significant Increase in Efficacy and Efficiency of Enterprise Training

VR Job Expo in Partnership with NZ Government

Addressing skills shortage

  • 671 people
  • 4 locations across 6 days
  • On avg 2.8 modules completed in 47mins vs. 28hrs traditional training time
  • 30 headsets per location
  • 212 job placements for 2Degrees

Vodafone Retail - Frontline Staff Training Violent & Aggressive Behaviour

Conflict de-escalation and safety training for frontline staff

  • Effectiveness of learning outcomes 9/10
  • Would you recommend VR Training 9/10
  • 21mins per training session vs 8 hours of Vodafone traditional conflict management training
  • ROI in first 2 months of training
  • Reduced turnover of staff by 72% (over 12 month period)

ShopCare Industry and Retailer Partnership Training Frontline Staff - Violent & Aggressive Behavior: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (80,000 staff)

Tripartite collaboration with Health & Safety Industry body, Retailers and Leading Subject Matter Experts.

Crawl, walk, run strategy across NZ’s 3 largest retailers – 80,000 staff.

Access to a Constantly Growing Database of Training Scenarios​

From HR Training, to Construction, Mental Wellbeing, Farming and Hospitality, the SkillsVR virtual reality environments and scenarios are constantly expanding to ensure continuous learning.

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