At Training Smoke, we are proud to say our fire training equipment makes the entire training scenario as uncomfortable as possible! While it may seem strange to those who have not experienced a session, firefighters, emergency personnel and even the Australian Defence Force understand.

In Melbourne the fire brigade responds to approximately 35 thousand calls per year. Preparation for these situations is the main reason that most calls end so successfully without loss of life. Ultimately what happens in real life, depends on how well the response personnel can do their job. For this reason, we endeavour to make our training equipment as realistic as possible to deliver effective smoke and fire training sessions.

Our industrial smoke machines simulate dense smoke using water-based vapour. The vapour effectively replicates intense fire and smoke conditions while being completely safe for the trainees. Firefighters can then train in a realistic environment, fully clothed in protective outfits and bulky breathing gear, while in a safe controlled situation. For trainees, using our equipment in training sessions prepares them to cope with realistic stressors and the adrenaline rush of real life emergencies. We endeavour to make training scenarios “as real as it gets” with our industrial smoke machines and fire training machines mimicking real-world results.

Our fire training equipment is so useful that the Australian Government approved our trainer units for use within the Australian Defence Department. Our equipment was rigorously tested in three years of extensive evaluations and pushed to its limits. They placed the smoke machines in extreme environments from the dusty battlefield to the extreme heat of a ship engine room to test how they would respond. After satisfying all their rigorous testing, our fire training devices was finally NATO certified and Government approved.

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