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Smokeshield Smokecloak is a worldwide proven security system and is the only true method of actually stopping theft! Thieves are fully aware of the long delays before the arrival of Police or Security and Thieves know time is their Strength. Smokecloak requires and instant reaction which forces them back out empty handed. Smokecloak costs far less than one intrusion, with rental and finance available to approved customers.

Successful fire training should also be easy, safe and efficient to conduct. You can carry out training sessions where people work, live or go to school. Finally, fire training should meet environmental standards anywhere in the world by avoiding air and soil pollution as well as any other negative environmental impact.

Hire or Purchase the Smokecloak Alpha Rapid Deployment for Instant Asset protection Complete Smokecloak Alpha System

Stop Theft and reduce your insurance costs. Smokecloak Alpha is designed for RAPID deployment and is fully portable.

Smokecloak Fog Security Device IPA 117 Intimidator – Hi Powered Sounder Back to Base Permaconn Communications, 2 x Wireless Passive Infra Red Detectors Full Site and Window Signage, Power Lead if Mains Are Not Available

As criminals find that the easy target are being better secured, Banks are increasingly having attacks on their Automatic Teller Machines in which an explosive gas is used. Attacks leads into considerable damage more than just the theft of cash.

Key Advantages

  •  No major structural damage to ATMs.
  •  Prevents ATM Downtime.
  •  Prevents ATM Damage.
  •  Prevents inconvenience and disruption to your banks customers and services.
  •  Protects banks reputation and image is adversely effected.
  •  We also do Security & CCTV Systems and Monitoring

At Trifire we have one aim; to enable successful fire training worldwide, no matter if your business is procurement of fire training or the training itself.  Safety training in dangerous environments, is one of the hardest tasks to achieve especially when you are in a fire or Smoke environment.

AF Electrical have been serving Melbournes suburbs for many years, providing cost-effective quality solutions to all forms or electrical work. AF electrical prides itself on service & reliability, all work is fully guaranteed. The AF Electrical has a priority to deliver quality service, design and installation at a cost-effective price. We provide a personalised and innovative service to fulfil our clients™ specific requirements at all times. We strive to continually ensure the group maintains its name as a well respected contractor within the Electrical and Security industries.

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