SmokeCloak Alpha Rapid Deployment

Portable Smoke - Fog Security
Providing Quality Products and Services Through Out  Australia & New Zealand

Protect Your New Home Build From Theft And Vandles

Shipping Container Storage Anti Theft Protection

AutoMotive Anti Theft Protection

Mobile Workshop Anti Theft Protection

Hire or Purchase the Smokecloak Alpha Rapid Deployment for Instant Asset protection Complete Smokecloak Alpha System

Stop Theft and reduce your insurance costs. Smokecloak Alpha is designed for RAPID deployment and is fully portable.
Smokecloak Fog Security Device IPA 117 Intimidator – Hi Powered Sounder Back to Base Permaconn Communications 2 x Wireless Passive Infra Red Detectors Full Site and Window Signage Power Lead if Mains Are Not Available

What do I Get?
Complete Smokecloak Alpha System
Connection to A1 Monitoring Station
Full Bottle of Fluid (approx. 6-7 Activations)*
Full Fence and Window Signage Delivery is Free to All Metro Areas**
Full Setup Instructions and required Locations All Necessary Authorities Alerted to The Presence of Your Smokecloak Alpha System
GPRS Dual Sim Card Communications

All Alpha units are fully controlled by Phone APP Monitored by and A1 Control Room
Even if you aren’t watching they are. Gives users the ability to Arm and Disarm Via App With Multiple Users
Check The History of When it was Armed and Disarmed
GPRS Dual Sim Card Communications


SmokeCloak Alpha Rapid Deployment is the perfect solution against theft and vandalism and will provide piece mind when building a new home or any worksite, it will protect 24 hours all day and night.

“You Can’t Steal What You Can’t See” – INSTANT PROTECTION
  • Fully operational in seconds
  • Activate and deactivate via Phone App

SmokeCloak Alpha Rapid Deployment Fog security Device will operate independently with full back systems

The Perfect Solution when protecting :

  • Kitchens / bathrooms / laundry cabinet fit-outs
  • All Light fittings and fixtures
  • Tap fittings, tubs & sinks
  • Tiles, hardwood flooring, carpets and all flooring
  • Hot plates, electric cookers, & gas cookers
  • Ovens and microwaves
  • Dishwasher, Fridges, washing machines and dryers


Is the security systems smoke harmful?

NO. It is not real fog – it is a glycol vapour and is harmless. Our security consultants can supply you with a report which analyses this in great detail, and copies are available. A Health & Safety Data sheet is also available. NB. A similar substance is also used in theatres and discos for productions.

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