$1,000,000 Plus Robbery in NSW.

Recently a bond store in NSW was broken into and the value of the theft was in excess of $1,000,000 plus. The theft made the insurance company fully review their insurance policy. The client was now faced with not being able to get insurance in the future.

The client was offered a solution by Smokeshield to install a Smokecloak system which has proven beyond a doubt to stop theft.

This was discussed with insurance company involved and providing the Smokecloak system was installed it was agreed to maintain their insurance policy.

Looking into it further the underwriters are based in the UK and have been in full support and value of Smokecloak and have been offering discounts on insurance policies which is now standard practice in the UK.

The Smokecloak units installed were our flag ship units call the IPX 25 which are extremely powerful and designed for large areas. Smokecloak system can protect small server rooms, retail shops, tool stores to massive warehouses. See how it works go to www.smokecloak.com.au and find out more.