Heavy Smoke Fluid for Smoke Machine

The heavy fluid mix is the right choice if you need a very dense training smoke. It is more economical to use thanks to its incredibly long “hang-time” characteristics and can, in environments unaffected by extraction and air-conditioning, be expected to last 30% longer than other smoke fluids. It is particularly suitable for large areas where a thick smoke is needed. This guarantees a virtually mineral and bacteria free product.

Fog Fluid Container Sizes available: Containers: 2.5lt & 9.5lt (Safety Data sheet available on request)

Key Features & Benefits of Heavy Smoke Fluid for Smoke Machine


Produces a dense, harmless vapour – safe to use and handle. The perfect system for any training scenario.


A clean, safe and professional realistic simulation can mean the difference between life and death


Easily provide a number of smoke effects for the most accurate and realistic training scenario. The perfect system.

SmokeShield Smoke Machines for Fire Training

Our training products are designed to be effective in fire safety training and come in all different sizes to suit your personal training needs. They also include such safety features as water resistance, varying out-put levels, and built-in timers. We have a comprehensive range of smoke machine training products and accessories.

Smoke Trainer in Action


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