A unique security solution, SmokeCloak® EASY, combining fog coverage with DNA marking of intruders, was announced today by its manufacturer and Australian and New Zealand distributor. Victorian based SmokeShield, exclusive distributor of SmokeCloak fog security products in Australia and New Zealand. MSS Professional A/S announced that SmokeCloak EASY is available immediately and will ship standard with a forensic DNA signature that’s unique to each location. MSS Professional recently entered into a 3-year agreement with Applied DNA Sciences, of Stony Brook New York, for supply of the DNA material.

The unique SmokeCloak DNA security fog system fills an area with a thick and disorienting fog and deposits a unique, location-specific DNA marker on skin, clothing, and stolen items. SmokeCloak EASY is the latest in technology from MSS that offers excellent fog coverage from a compact system at an attractive price point.

SmokeCloak EASY is the perfect addition to a security system that needs coverage immediately after alarm activation. The national average for police response is approximately 15 minutes for alarm calls and in many cases, much longer, leaving a store or property unprotected.

Video and more detail on the system can be found on the company’s web site, here.

Frank Spiteri, Managing Director of SmokeShield Australia, stated, “Over my 15 years devoted to SmokeCloak®, I have seen the many businesses that it has saved when they had nowhere else to turn. I can’t help but feel a sense of pride. Now with SmokeCloak EASY DNA we can offer unsurpassed and affordable target hardening, together with DNA technology, the gold standard in positive ID.”

Chris Mills, National Sales Manager, SmokeShield Australia, commented, “We feel so strongly about the Forensic DNA technology that we’re including it as a standard feature with SmokeCloak EASY, giving every location a unique DNA signature tying the intruder to the crime. This becomes a powerful tool for law enforcement and builds a valuable deterrent effect.”

Smoke Solutions is also announcing the availability of DNA kits that allow the unique DNA signature to be added to existing SmokeCloak systems in the field.