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Security Solutions by Smokeshield

Your Trusted Provider of Customised Security Systems

With over 36 years of experience, Smokeshield is a trusted Australian-owned company that excels in delivering superior security solutions to businesses. We strive toward innovation and excellence, therefore, empowering us to provide industry-leading products and services and ensuring value and satisfaction for our clients.

Our expertise lies in crafting personalised security solutions that prioritise the safeguarding of lives and property. Leveraging advanced technologies and extensive knowledge, we offer bespoke security systems that instil complete peace of mind.

Rest assured, our team of experienced professionals are committed to delivering the best security services, encompassing CCTV, Alarms, and Fog Security. We strive to protect your assets and personal safety with unwavering dedication.

Explore how Smokeshield can protect your business and secure your valuable assets. We proudly serve clients throughout Australia.

Fog Security Solutions by Smokeshield

Powered by UR Fog Technology

Smokeshield is the exclusive provider of UR Fog technology in Australia.  Our fog security technology is designed to provide the densest fog among all fogging systems available, thanks to our unique composition of fog liquid and exclusive shooting technology.

Our team of experienced professionals specialises in creating customised security solutions that put priorities the protection of lives and property. We provide tailored fog security systems that deliver total peace of mind and ensure the fastest and most effective response to potential security threats.

In addition to superior performance, UR Fog is more affordable than other similar technologies, providing our clients with value for their money. Choose Smokeshield for a reliable and cost-effective fog security system, powered by UR Fog technology.

SkillsVR Virtual Reality Training Platform

Unlock Immersive Learning with SkillsVR Enterprise. Exclusive VR Training Platform available through Smokeshield

Smokeshield introduces the most innovative virtual reality training platform available in Australia. SkillsVR Enterprise combines state-of-the-art virtual reality technology with real-time analytics, revolutionising immersive learning experiences and competency verification.

With SkillsVR, organisations can deliver adaptive skills training at scale, enhancing employee development and performance. Our platform ensures seamless integration of VR hardware and content, providing a cost-effective solution with unmatched retention rates.

Experience the future of training with Smokeshield’s SkillsVR Enterprise platform.

The Smokeshield Way

Australian owned and operated since 1983
Our Purpose

Smokeshield was founded in 1983 with the goal of creating a livelihood for ourselves and our employees. We worked hard to see the company succeed, and our purpose as a company became clearer. We exist to provide valuable services, and we have a responsibility to the people and companies that need our service to stay safe.

Our goal is to serve and protect through superior security solutions and innovative training technology.

Focus on Safety

We strive for accident-free projects both in the short and long term for your team and ours.

In any industry, safety is crucial. Critical to our success and yours is ensuring that all work and associated activities undertaken are conducted in a safe manner to provide a safe, secure and healthy working environment for employees, contractors, clients, visitors and the wider community. We have an external contractor auditor who visits sites and reviews our safety management plan and performance each year.

All technicians undergo regular training in safe work methods and job safety analysis so you can rest assured that our team members know what they’re doing, with licenses to operate elevated work platforms.

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