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Smokeshield's Purpose​​

At Smokeshield’s inception in 1983, we began to create a livelihood for ourselves and our employees. We worked to see profits come in, but now we’ve outgrown that way of thinking. We exist to serve, we have a responsbility to the people and companies that need our service to stay safe. Our reason to operate is now much larger than ourselves. We don’t just create jobs anymore, we save lives. We understand why we’re in business – to serve and protect.

Smokeshield's Promise​​

As the pinnacle and gold standard in the security and fire training industries, we know the importance of reliability when working with any business. We operate 24 hours daily; we have a self-mandated market requirement and personal expectation. We’ll reshape your expectations of quality service, great designs and professionally personalised installations. Innovation, attention to detail and professionalism are at the forefront of our technical advancement. Whether you need a small servicing or full turnkey solution we have a diverse range of specialised divisions and can take care of your needs.

Strict Quality Control

Smokeshield is a registered security company, and all our technicians hold valid security licenses in accordance with the Australian Private Security Act 2004 and are registered cablers. Our products are internationally recognised and with appropriate certifications to go above and beyond industry standards.

Our products are manufactured in Australia, Italy, US, UK, Denmark to ISO 9000:2012 standards. Our factory is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and all products are covered by a 2-year warranty and a fully comprehensive worldwide insurance policy which includes end user public liability cover.


Focus on Safety

We strive for accident-free projects both in the short and long term for your team and ours.

In any industry, safety is crucial. Critical to our success and yours is ensuring that all work and associated activities undertaken are conducted in a safe manner to provide a safe, secure and healthy working environment for employees, contractors, clients, visitors and the wider community. We have an external contractor auditor who visits sites and reviews our safety management plan and performance each year.

All technicians undergo regular training in safe work methods and job safety analysis so you can be rest assured that our team members know what they’re doing – with license to operate elevated work platforms.

Our Core Values

Doing the right Smokeshield thing

The core of what we do lies in honesty and integrity. Our unwavering commitment to trust, and transparency is why our name is one of the top in our fields.

If it’s connected with the Smokeshield name, you’ll come to expect a higher standard of transparency after our association.

Giving everyone the full Smokeshield experience

The full Smokeshield experience means you benefit from our longevity in business and our unwavering commitment to providing a superior delivery from both a project and customer perspective.

We value and appreciate our clients and we tailor holistic solutions that leverage the depth and breadth of our industry knowledge.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Smokeshield has diverse talent in both our office and trades teams. Trust, passion and respect are what make us work . No one person in our organisation has all the answers, but collectively we do. We have the ability to look at different scenarios from multiple perspectives.

We excel in what we do, because we do it together.

Giving back and empowering our community

We can’t stop all of the calamities in the world, but we can benefit our local community by fully leveraging Smokeshield’s scale.

We believe in giving back, not only via monetary donations, but also donating our time and knowledge.

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