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Conducting security patrols is one of the core services of our Patrol Officers. They are trained to stay proactive and vigilant day or night. Visibility is a superpower when it comes to crime deterrent. Increase your employees’ safety, reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property/facility.

How We Protect and Serve

The schedules and routes for patrolling are randomly selected so that potential criminals can’t predict the timings of our patrols. In patrolling, our security officers inspect, monitor, and prevent security incidents as they inspect your entire area. In this way, we ensure that you’ll provide a peace of mind to your clients, workers, residents, and visitors. Should you need us for a quick response to any emergency.

Our availability is around the clock, meaning that your site will be guarded just as well during the late hours of the night as they are during the day.

We train our guys to quickly respond to any crises of danger and alert the responsible authorities so that we mitigate damage and loss as much as possible.

Types Of Patrols That We Provide

We have different types of patrols and our main offerings; officers provide a constant presence and are trained to notice anything out of the ordinary.

We believe that it’s best to prevent problems before they start.

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  • Foot Patrol
    Our security officers will walk through a client’s site and be vigilant for prospective security threats and incidents. Our patrolling officers are trained to check and record all activities in their daily reports. As the most common patrolling method, it enables our officers to access the site more closely.
  • Vehicle Security Patrol
    We use this method when a security officer must cover a large amount of ground in a short period of time, especially when an immediate response is required.
  • Remote Patrol
    We use video surveillance technology for monitoring areas primarily in large public places or areas like large football stadiums, music events, and construction sites etc.

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